Fall 2015
Mondays, 11:15 am – 12:45 pm


October 5
Up Yours - Medical Scopes & Where They Go
Presented by Victor Poleshuck
There is a large variety of scopes used in medicine. We will look at those which go into all of the various body openings as well as those for which a new opening into some body space is needed. Many videos will look at body parts you may never have seen before.

Victor is a retired physician who enjoys sharing his medical knowledge.

October 19
Ho Chi Minh, Cold War Pragmatist
Presented by Bill Schwappacher
Ho Chi Minh, actor and symbol of Vietnam’s resistance to Western Imperialism, confused U.S. policy makers as to his underlying motivations. Was he a nationalist seeking Vietnam’s independence or international revolutionary advocating worldwide communism?

Bill, still actively employed as a vice-president at Morgan Stanley, is a long time lecturer at Osher, addressing foreign policy and economic issues.

October 26
The Lives and Music of George & Ira Gershwin
Presented by Lewis Neisner
This course will cover the lives and music of George Gershwin, the composer, and his brother, Ira, the lyricist, of some of the greatest music of the American Songbook.

Lewis returns to present his passion for the music of the American Songbook composers and lyricists.

November 2
Constitutions Around the World
Presented by Britta Anderson
In 1788, The United States ratified the first written national Constitution and, in the course of the ensuing centuries, most nations around the globe have followed suit. We will compare key concepts of our Constitution with those of the constitutions of Chia, Denmark, South Africa, India and Germany with particular emphasis on governance and civil liberties.

Born and raised in Denmark, Britta Anderson is interested in European and American politics and history. She has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and spent her career working on state and federal higher education issues.

November 9
Changes in Medicare for 2016
Presented by Jim Sorrentino