Summer 2015
Mondays, 9:30– 11:00 am


July 6
Windows 8.1 and Securing Your Computer
Presented by Brian Ives
This One-Session Course will focus on Windows 8.1 and securing your computer. Hands-on demonstrations will be part of this course, so bring your laptop to this session. This course is designed for participants who have some experience using a computer or want to bush up computer skills.
The course is limited to the first 18 students who sign up for this course.

Brian Ives is a retired professor of Information Technology with college teaching experience and has presented other PowerPoint classes at Osher.

July 13
It's Time to Start Your Blog
Presented by Debby Zeman
You’ve been thinking about starting a blog but would like the support and guidance of fellow would-be bloggers. This one session class will help you get started. Bring your laptop, iPad, or tablet and have a blog going in one session!

Debby has been an Osher member for nearly three years and has been dabbling in blogging for about the same time. She hopes to help others get started in this “out there” form of self-expression.

July 20
Europe in 1945
Presented by Nancy Aumann
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. V-E Day saw a Continent destroyed and divided. The dead and the displaced posed major political, social, and economic challenges for a Europe that eventually rose from the ashes.

Retired from teaching, Nancy’s primary interest is modern European history with an emphasis on the 20th century. She has facilitated a class on World War II in Europe during the spring term.

July 27
WWII Military Technology
Presented by Julian Thomas
Overview of the technologies important during WW2, with particular emphasis on electronics.

Julian Thomas has spent his life working with computers.

August 3
Nepal and Pumo Ri
Presented by Jim Roddy
Jim's nephew Brian and his Oregon mountain rescue team made a trip to Nepal and attempted to climb Pumo Ri, the Daughter of Everest. There will be photos and the narrative of that adventure, as well as discussions of the country, ethnic groups, customs, food, mountain climbing and high altitude effects.

Jim is a semi-retired engineer. The highest altitude he's experienced is 14,000 feet, walking from the parking lot to the ranger station in Rocky Mountain National Park.

August 10
World's Fairs of the 19th Century
Presented by Tom Lathrop
During the second half of the nineteenth century, there were a number of international expositions of culture and industry that became known as World’s Fairs. This course will show how these fairs evolved from the Crystal Palace exposition in London in 1851 to late nineteenth century spectacles such as the Chicago Exposition of 1892.

Tom Lathrop is a retired software engineer who has had a life-long interest in history. He has taught two history classes at Osher.

August 17
Tula to Monte Alban
Presented by Jim Nofziger

August 24
Childhood Cancer: Caring 'Til A Cure
Presented by Beth Dragon
Do we stand by helplessly when kids are sick? Lynne Stiefler, retired pediatric oncology nurse and volunteer will discuss:
* Treatments and programs for children.
* Helping families.
* Researching causes and cures,
* What can we do?
Scribbler of poems and memoirs; mother; grandmother; and usually nice person, Beth lost a friend in childhood to cancer. She has a 2-year-old family member with leukemia and recently raised funds and had her head shaved in support of the St. Baldrick's Foundation's mission to help cure childhood cancer.