Spring 2014
Mondays, 11:15 – 12:45


June 9th

Art Museums in Upstate New York
Presented by Rose Welch and Lewis Neisner
This class will take a look at some of the major painting in three museums: the Everson in Syracuse, the Albright-Knox in Buffalo and the Johnson Museum in Ithaca. The class will provide a preview of a ten-week course Rose and Lewis are proposing for the Fall Term, "Great Museums of the World".

June 16th

Gluten-Free – What Does It Mean?
Presented by Mary Jane Thomas with Guest Speakers
We keep reading about the gluten-free diet but many of us don't know what gluten is and what gluten-free means. Why would a person be on a gluten-free diet? Do you know anyone who has celiac disease or is gluten sensitive? Wegmans’ Trish Kazacos, RD, and Charlie Gardner, will be here to help us understand and to answer our questions. The FDA's new labeling laws will also be discussed. There may even be some tasty samples for us to try. Please sign-up by June 2 if you plan to attend. It's important we know ahead how many there will be. It would a great help if you could send questions in advance to

Some Learning, Some Laughing, Lots of Living
Presented by Steve Lambert
Half a millions secrets, Girls and Engineering, Smart Statistics Fighting Crime, The Secret Shipping Industry, The Fastest Ambulance, The Beauty of Math.

Previously Offered...

April 14th
Chuckle a Bit, Learn a Bit, Live a Bit
Presented by Steve Lambert
Are the Irish immigrants humorous, are maps good? How about old cars, introverts, photos, saying no (sometimes or always) and last but not least, Andre Rieu.
Steve is just a duffer who likes to laugh, learn and live.

April 21st

D-Day: June 6, 1944 – The Allied Invasion of Normandy
Presented by Nancy Aumann
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy. The liberation of France as well as the eventual defeat of the Third Reich followed and World War II came to an end.
Retired from teaching, Nancy's primary interest is modern European history with an emphasis on the 20th Century. She has been an Osher course leader in previous classes on Winston Churchill and the Third Reich.

April 28th
The White Continent:  Traveling with National Geographic to Antarctica
Presented by Victor Poleshuck
The Antarctic continent is beautiful, cold, and has a surprising abundance of life.  Come along on a fascinating trip to visit four kinds of penguins, two kinds of seals, multiple birds, humpback and orca whales, and share incredible hikes on the snow-capped continent as well as sea kayaking in the Antarctic waters.  Before leaving for Antarctica we will tour the Lake District of Chile.
Victor, a retired physician, and his wife Joyce have a love of travel and will go anywhere they’ve never been.

May 5th
Barry Goldwater Part II: The Campaign and After
Presented by Tom Low
We will discuss the career of Barry Goldwater, the Republican opponent of LBJ in 1964.  This second session will carry us through the campaign in 1964 and his subsequent career in the Senate.  Comments on, and memories of, the campaign will be welcomed!
Tom has presented classes at Osher on figures as diverse as Churchill, Thoreau, William James, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates and the great economists.

May 12th
Healing Ecology
Presented by Barry and Susan McVay
Revisit a training on "Healing Ecology" recently co-presented by Rochester's Sierra Club and Zen Center. Discuss how these perspectives can inform our current energy decisions, such as RG&E's proposal to build a substation in Henrietta.

The Summer of 1777 in Upstate New York
presented by Bill Hosley

May 19th
A Forgotten Hero
Presented by Jack Kowiak
Sometimes in the rush to identify new heroes in our society, we often overlook the heroes from our past.  This talk will look at the remarkable life of Nelson Baker who was a square peg in a round hole who finally found his niche.  An inspirational story of achievement.
Jack has given presentations at Osher on a variety of topics.  He especially enjoys speaking on topics relating to history.

June 2nd
Opportunity Cost and Cost of Primacy
Presented by Bill Schwappacher
Bill will discuss U.S. expenditures since WWII to fight the Cold War and subsequent Iraq/Afghanistan wars, contrasted with domestic spending needs. This is follow-up to his course last fall "Reconciling America's Future".