Spring 2015
Mondays, 11:15 am– 12:45 pm


June 1
Neanderthals were ignorant proto-humans... or were they?
Presented by Bob Vukosic
The common wisdom has been that Neanderthals were a separate species from modern humans, and became extinct because of climate change and competition with modern humans moving into their habitat between 45,000 and 40,000 years ago. We will discuss how research evidence shows that Neanderthals were more advanced than previously known, in language skills, weapon making, & immune responses to disease, etc., as well as how their genetic traits may be affecting us today.

June 8
Infinity is Not Just a Big Number
Presented by Roger Gans
How mathematicians think about infinity from the Greeks to Georg Cantor. The paradoxical arithmetic of infinities. This is pure mathemetics, but aimed at a typical Osher member, even the mathophobes among us.

June 15
Presented by Herb Levin
The Middle East is a “mess.” This class will watch a DVD from WXXI and discuss their reactions.